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Online Bio

My name is Brian Mitchell, I am a Principal Program Manager at Microsoft.  I like to do a little programming  and a lot of teaching.  I’m currently working on a team creating an amazing product, Azure Data Lake that leverages a new programming language U-SQL.   One of my main purposes of this blog is to develop my thoughts on what this product is and is not. I also will explore we can do to better support our customers.

I’ve been working with SQL Server since 2000, at Microsoft since 2006.  Within Microsoft, I’ve worked in the field as a Consultant and Architect.  My main interests on the core product were around performance and replication.  In the fall of 2009, I endured the three weeks of intensive training and testing to become a Microsoft Certified Master for SQL Server 2008.  On top of the core SQL Engine, I’ve been very interested in the Business Intelligence stack included with SQL Server.  I’ve become relatively proficient at Analysis Services, Reporting Services,.

As you can tell from the blog archives, i worked extensively with Microsoft’s Analytics Platform System (aka PDW) in the early days.  This was a seminal time in my career and enjoyed the heck out of learning what that product could do and working with customers on creating success out of their data warehousing projects.


I am the sole author of this personal blog and thus I am solely responsible for its content.  I am unabashedly an employee of Microsoft, but all opinions that are expressed are mine and mine alone.   Opinions offered on my part are not necessarily the position of Microsoft.  I am a blogger who works at Microsoft, not a Microsoft blogger.  I will repeat one more time, this is my personal blog and I hope you like it.

My Other Accounts

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Brian has been a speaker at these events:

  • SQL Rally 2011 (May 12-13, Orlando)
  • TechEd 2011 (May 16-19, Atlanta)
  • SQL PASS 2011 (Oct. 12-14, Seattle)
  • TechEd 2012 (June 11-14, Orlando)